Sunday, January 17, 2010

Engineering Simulation blog... a beginning.

First question we asked ourselves is why blog? Does this help our customers? The simulation community? Does it help us?

Being an engineering simulation consulting firm and working with a wide range of customers in various industries, we see several unique simulation requirements, from leading edge to bleeding edge!  We have seen several times how what we learn in simulating for one industry can so easily be transferable to another industry; how simple tricks or having "been there, done that" would have saved us hours and hours of frustration (if not days!).  We also have done some "cool" projects which we love to share with anyone over a cocktail discussion.  We have a love-hate relationship with simulation... years of passion and also sometimes days of frustration!

So, that being said, we thought, blogging about our experiences, analyses and physics in general could be a great way to help the simulation community, our customers and also create our voice!  So, we plan to post interesting analysis stories, tricks, tips, macros, glitches, software patches (or atleast direct to the right resource), FEA vs. Testing, our perspectives and more.... If our experience, macros, resources etc., can save a few hours for a fellow analyst, we will consider our blog a success!

Let us "Engineer, Simulate and Innovate" together.

This blog is maintained by our engineering analysis group out of Rochester, NY office. 
Our blogging team (The SimuSquad) includes:
Jeff Heckman, Jason Zbick, Rolf Orsagh, Mike Sobol, Nick Lynn and Sriram "Rob" Atchutuni.

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  1. There is a lot of ansys tutorial here: