Monday, September 5, 2011

Cloud this.. Cloud that... What about Cloud Simulations? Cloud FEA/CFD?

Firstly, sorry for the long silence and no recent posts in a while.  Too many things happened...with the latest being me under the surgeon's needle.  I had a cervical disc hernia and it was so bad that no simulation could help ;)  I needed to undergo surgery.  I am slowly recovering now... but need your help on a question that has been on my mind lately:

Do you think Cloud FEA/CFD will actually see the daylight?  I have created a poll on this recently and already have seen some great comments and interest on this topic.  I would love to hear from you! Here you go:
Poll: Cloud Computing for FEA/CFD? Do you like it?

Once I have this poll completed (in 28 days from today), I plan to update this post (or publish a new post) with a final report and analysis of what the simulation community thinks.

I am really interested in hearing what you have to say!

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